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‘Get Mad or Do Something:’ Lawmakers Share Leadership Stories

‘Get Mad or Do Something:’ Lawmakers Share Leadership Stories

Connecticut Business & Industry Association

Every person has a unique story that got them to where they are today. At CBIA’s May 19 When Women Lead conference, four state legislators shared their stories with Fran Pastore, founder and CEO of the Women’s Business Development Council. Pastore began with a simple question: what was your catalyst for running for office?

For state Rep. Tammy Exum, the inspiration came from parents in her community. State Sen. Heather Somers recalled seeing the parents of friends being driven out of their homes due to the “punitive nature of the property tax.” State Rep. Tammy Nuccio, who has lived in the same town for 37 years, said her catalyst was a lack of representation. “Our children are often the catalyst for us to make a better future,” said state Sen. Christine Cohen.

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