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Join us in making a difference in our community


Partner with WBDC and help CT women entrepreneurs launch their dreams

WHO WE ARE : Since 1997, WBDC has been strengthening and supporting economic prospertity for women through entrepreneurial and financial education services that create and grow bsuinesses across Connecticut. You can help!


ONE-TO-ONE MENTORS: Use your expertise to help a business owner with a specific need. Skills needed: strategy, marketing, or finance. Commitment: 1–3 hours per month for 6 months.

SMALL-GROUP MENTORING LEAD: Guide a group of entrepreneurs through improving one area of their business. Peer support provided. Skills needed: strategy, marketing, or finance. Entrepreneurial experience is a plus. Commitment: 6 hours per month for 3 months.

CLASS MENTOR: Serve as an additional point of support for students in one of our multi-session courses.

BCC (Business Concept Clinic): Skills needed: entrepreneurship, probing questions, and high-level reasoning. Commitment: 30-minute intro to class plus 4 hours of client meetings. Meetings are 30 minutes each, occurring over the course of 5 weeks.

GPS: A Guide to Plan for Success: Skills needed: strategy, entrepreneurship, or critical thinking are a plus. Commitment: 30-minute introductory class plus 6 hours of client meetings. Meetings are 30 minutes each, occurring over the course of 8 weeks.

Hands On Marketing: Skills needed: marketing Commitment: 30-minute intro to class + 4 hours of client meetings. Meetings are 30 minutes each, occurring over the course of 6 weeks.


FINANCIAL COACH: Use your knowledge of finance to help a WBDC client review their personal and small business finances; set a budget; and work toward a financial goal. Skills needed: banking, finance. Commitment: 2 hours per month for 3–4 months.

BUSINESS PLAN REVIEWER: Evaluate the completed business plan of a WBDC client and provide feedback. Skills needed: business plan writing experience a plus. Commitment: 4 hours over 1 month.

GPS BUSINESS ADVISORS: Work with clients in our 9-week business planning course. In a round-robin format, business advisors hear a brief business description from each of the class participants. Advisors ask probing questions, and help hone the business concept. Skills needed: any area of business/entrepreneurship are welcome. Commitment: 2 hours.

REGIONAL ADVISORY COUNCIL: Advise on opportunities and serve as brand ambassadors for WBDC in your region. Build connections with local businesses, community organizations and donors. Commitment: 3–4 meetings per year, plus ad hoc calls and projects.


CLASS INSTRUCTOR: Teach a class for WBDC clients in your area of expertise. Skills needed: marketing, digital marketing, financial analysis, branding, sales, and legal. Commitment: 1 hour per class; plus prep and travel, if applicable.

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