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eLearning Library

eLearning Library

Many On-Demand Learning Options for You


Get Started on eCenter, WBDC’s New Client Portal

There is a new way to register for WBDC classes and help us get to know you better. 

We invite you to visit the new WBDC eCenter, our online portal where you can step into the driver’s seat of your engagement with WBDC!

You will be able to create your profile, gain immediate access to WBDC’s eLearning, and sign up for WBDC’s upcoming live classes.

The Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC) offers choices and flexibility in obtaining the skills and knowledge you need to be more successful.  We provide easy access to take a class when the timing is right for you—at your pace, on your schedule.  Gain knowledge and practical skills to keep you moving forward.

WBDC  eLearning Classroom

We are improving our eLearning options and are revamping this portion of our on-demand library.  Check back regularly for more classes!

Catch a replay of a recent program you may have missed. 
All topics are 60 minutes or less.

Branding, Logos, and Taglines

Learn what makes a brand unique and successful; the difference between a logo and a brand and how taglines can help you communicate your promise to your customers.

Business Entity Types

Learn about the top three considerations to evaluate as you set about determining your business structure.

Explore business plan writing and the benefits of having a business plan.

Business Strategy Refinement

Examine the motivations and aspirations that drive strategy for small business owners.

Credit Score 101

Explore the meaning of a credit score and walk away with strategies to improve yours.

Cyber Security

Find out how you can tell if your business is vulnerable and get tips on how to make it more secure.

Effective Delegation

Explore how you can mobilize and motivate team members. Learn how to take action to create a more effective team.

Email Marketing

Learn the best practices you need for your email marketing strategy to succeed.

Know Your Numbers Series

Learn common types and important considerations for finacing a new business. This series of short videos covers topics such as Financing Options and Preparation, Accounting Applications, Revenue Models and more.

Marketing Foundations: Your Company’s Story

Dive into the foundational aspects of developing a successful marketing approach for your business. Explore the importance of understanding your market, competitive analysis, telling your unique story and how to reach your target market. This series of short videos, averaging five to 10 minutes each, will lay the foundation for your marketing plan.

Monetize Your Passion

Refine your ideas for side projects and passions, explore how to monetize these ventures and grow passion to profit and professional aims.

Money Tips to Help Women Thrive


The “M” word doesn’t have to raise fears every time you hear it. While you may feel you have a good grasp on the basics, more refined skills are helpful in learning to build a secure financial future. 

So You Want to Buy a Business?

Evaluate different pathways to becoming a business owner, including purchasing someone else’s business, or becoming a franchisee.

Online Learning Courses

Explore our complete online catalog to find the program that’s right for you!  These paid courses are typically 24-48 hours, and are designed to be 6 weeks. Course fees vary.

Courses include:

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • QuickBooks
  • Business Analysis
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Blogging and Podcasting
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Designing Effective Websites
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Start and Operate Your Own Home-Based Business
  • Keys to Successful Money Management
  • Where Does All My Money Go?
  • Starting and Growing a Non-Profit
  • Grant Writing

What clients are saying about Online Learning Courses…

“Thank you, this course was well structured and very helpful!” – Eric V.

“I think this is a great course. I feel that I did learn the basics without having to attend a live class. The hands-on assignments are a great strength of the course. I am happy to recommend the class.” – Marcela M.

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