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Child Care Business Incentive Program

Child Care Business Incentive Program

WBDC is pleased to offer grants and incentives to licensed child care businesses in Connecticut

Child Care Business Incentive Program

The Women’s Business Development Council is offering licensed child care businesses in Connecticut a customized business development incentive program.

Are you an OEC-licensed child care provider looking for individualized, long-term business development support to strengthen your business?  WBDC has partnered up with OEC to support you through a unique program!

The Women’s Business Development Council’s (WBDC’s) Business Incentive Program empowers OEC-licensed child care providers to expand their business knowledge and adopt healthy business practices through a comprehensive business development program that awards grants and incentives to businesses as they reach key milestones of business health.

Through the Business Incentive Program, businesses receive incentives as they reach key milestones of business health. Milestones can be achieved by participating in core WBDC and partner classes & services, and working on business goals, such as writing a business plan and practicing good bookkeeping for 3 months.  Incentives include technology, cash grants, gift cards, vouchers, and more!  Clients must be willing to commit to working with WBDC and OEC partners over 12 months to move the business forward to implement healthy operations.  See below for complete eligibility criteria and application details.

Grant applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.


This exclusive program is only open to committed providers, and due to limited funding, WBDC will not be able to accept all applicants.

WBDC is the leading provider of entrepreneurial training to women in Connecticut, helping them to succeed in business.  Through entrepreneurial training, financial education and access to capital services, WBDC helps businesses to launch, sustain and grow.

Take a Class

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Learn About the Business Incentive Program

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  • Operating as an OEC-licensed family home, group home, or center with children for at least one month
  • Currently have a minimum of 20% of licensed capacity enrolled, including school age children
  • Committed to working with WBDC and/or OEC resource partners over the next 12 months to strengthen your business knowledge and business practices
    • This includes participating in a business training or advising session with WBDC or a partner at least once per quarter for at least 4 quarters.
    • This includes agreeing to share action plan progress with WBDC at least once per quarter for at least 4 quarters.
  • Plan to remain in business with enrolled children for at least the next 12 months

Those that meet the above criteria are encouraged to apply.  Also, please note:

  • Businesses that received a WBDC Technology Grant in the last 12 months are already considered part of the Business Incentive Program and do not need to apply here.
  • Child care businesses that received or are applying for WBDC Start-up, Emergency, Facilities, Expansion, or Equity Match Grants ARE eligible to apply for this program.

Additionally, the following businesses are NOT eligible:

License-exempt programs, licensed youth camps, are not eligible for this WBDC incentive program. Unlicensed family homes may contact us to learn more about supports we have.

Businesses outside of the child care industry are not eligible, but we encourage you to participate in WBDC programs and services.

WBDC’s Child Care Business Team is available to answer your questions about this program. Please contact us at childcarebusiness@ctwbdc.org or (203) 353-1750 x129 (English speakers) or (203) 353-1750 x113 (Spanish speakers).

When contacting us, please provide your phone number, email, and best times to reach you, so we may contact you or schedule an appointment.

Prepare Your Application 

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Before you begin your application, you will be required to create a profile in WBDC’s eCenter portal to provide general information about you and your business.

If you are an existing WBDC client that has used eCenter before to register for classes, you will need to review and update your eCenter Profile by logging into eCenter, and clicking “My Information” on the left.

If you are an existing WBDC client that has not used eCenter before, click the link below to get to our eCenter. Then click “Forgot Password” in the top right corner. Enter your email and follow the on-screen prompts to access to your profile.  Once logged in, click “My Information” on the left to complete or update your information.

Click here to complete your eCenter profile

This program has a brief application, accessible via eCenter – Apply Here
Application questions will include:

  • Your top business goals:  Identify 2-3 specific things you’re hoping to accomplish in your business in the next 12-18 months (ways you want to sustain or grow your business, or grow your business knowledge or that of your staff).
  • Your top business challenges:  Identify 2-3 specific challenges that make it hard to achieve your above-mentioned business goals.
  • Investment in good business practices:  Describe any steps or courses you have taken to improve your business knowledge and/or business practices
  • Why you:  Paint us a picture of why you want to be in this Program, including what you hope to achieve and how you can remain committed to this journey of business improvement.

If you are submitting applications for the other Child Care Business Grant Programs, note that this application will be a different process, though the Pre-Application is the same.  No documents will be required to complete your application.

  • Display commitment to strengthening your business operations
  • Engagement with WBDC, Family Child Care (FCC) Network, or Accreditation Quality Improvement System (AQIS) agencies
  • Responsiveness to WBDC and OEC requests for information

What Our Clients are Saying

Emmanuella Lauture, Ma Maison Childcare, LLC

WBDC has been instrumental to the success of Ma Maison Childcare especially during the 18 months of the pandemic. Through webinars, training, meetings, etc. I have gotten most of the support and information we needed to stay informed and survive this hard period that many small businesses faced.

Child Care Center in Stamford

Gloria Montoya, My Little World

WBDC and its wonderful team’s support and the tech grant are making the difference in my business. [With your classes] I am more confident as a businesswoman. Thank you so much for the knowledge to continue running my business!

Family Home in Meriden

This program is made possible through a partnership with the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood (OEC).