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Blue Stream Initiative

Blue Stream Initiative

Building Mobile into the Business Plan for those who Relocate

Welcome to WBDC’s Blue Stream Program
Building Mobility into the Business Plan for Entrepreneurs

Blue Stream is our customized training program delivered in a flexible framework for entrepreneurs on the move.  Launched in 2020, this program is an innovative partnership project with CTNext and the Thames River Innovation Place (TRIP), specially designed for those who are mobile due to military life.  Through this project, we will also be supporting the ambitions of spouses of those employed in the Blue Tech organizations of Southeastern Connecticut, and the national Blue Economy. 

We will help individuals explore how business ownership matches one’s professional journey and unique strengths.  Participants will gain capabilities and connections to create a company, grow it, and take it on the move as needed.

The Blue Stream program is offered at no-cost to participants.  It consists of 3 components, each designed to explore and educate on key areas of business development:

  1. On-demand video content, accessed via a private E-Learning Library

  2. Live group training sessions, held in WBDC’s Virtual Classroom

    Tuesday, October 19th | 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

    Tuesday November 16th | 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

  3. One-on-one business counseling and technical assistance, offered virtually

To learn more about Blue Stream, contact us at info@ctwbdc.org or (203) 353-1750

Learn about the Program

Who’s it for?

Military spouses and individuals part of the Blue Economy, who either:

  • Have entrepreneurial aspirations and want to explore how to leverage personal strengths; or
  • Have an existing business to relocate, strengthen or grow

Partner Organizations: