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WBDC Dinner

Celebrating Economic Empowerment for Women


All funds raised will further WBDC’s education and empowerment of women towards becoming thriving business owners, entrepreneurs and employers!


Chef Thu Pham was born in the North of Vietnam, near Ha Noi. After graduating she moved South and joined a convent to be a nun. Realizing that wasn’t the right thing for her, Thu eventually came to the United States in July 2016 with her partner. It was a very hard journey for her and starting a career in New York wasn’t easy. She realized that the thing she was most passionate about was food and her cooking skills were the thing she was the most confident in. She met someone at Emma’s Torch at the refugee organization and it was there that she began her training to be a chef. And from Emma’s Torch she was introduced to Ratatouille and Company and learned how to cook other cuisines and how to make the food beautiful.

“I am a small-town girl with a dream of making it in the big city. I came to the US with my partner to pursue freedom so that I could start my own food business. I wanted to bring my passion for Vietnamese cuisine to people here and celebrate authentic Vietnamese food with them. I am excited to be working with Ratatouille to help fulfill my dream and expand my culinary skills.” Thu Pham

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Guest: $300

VIP: $500

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