eLearning: The Social Media Formula for Creating Content

Tired of spinning your wheels on social media without seeing measurable results? Social media can be a powerful tool for visibility, discoverability, and credibility if you learn to harness its superpowers. Join Terri Piekara, WBDC’s Social Media Business Advisor, to learn how to optimize your social media accounts to maximize your success. She will give […]

eLearning: Understanding and Using Instagram Reels

With the average attention span being about 8 seconds long, how can you effectively engage with your Instagram followers? Reels allow business owners to share bite-sized video content that showcase your business’s personality, educate your audience, highlight your products and services, and share behind-the-scenes details on what your business does. Join Terri Piekara for an […]

eLearning: How to Rock Your Social Content

With everything else on your plate as a small business owner, has posting on social media taken a back seat? Join master collaborator, entrepeneur, and graphic design expert, Nancy Ruzow, for tips on how regular scheduling, concepts, templates, and posting can lead to a major increase in people noticing your business across differentsocial media platforms. […]

eLearning: Intro to TikTok

Think TikTok is just for kids or folks who want to show off their dance moves? Think again! TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms and an incredible opportunity for your small business to connect with your target audience and drive business. Terri Piekara, WBDC’s social media business advisor is joined by […]