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A Better Bakery in Bethel

Unbakeables – The Story of Corey Tolkin

Corey Tolkin isn't just your average baker… she is a cookie dough wizard!
Corey Tolkin, Owner of Unbakeables
Meet Corey Tolkin

Owner, Unbakeables

The Backstory

For many, the best part of baking cookies is sneaking a spoonful, or two - or five!- of the delicious dough. But eating raw dough is risky - until now! And that’s where Corey Tolkin comes in.

While obtaining her master’s degree in education, she started to question her life’s trajectory.

She couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to start a food business -. but what? She knew it needed to be unique - and one of her favorite childhood memories was grabbing a scoop of cookie dough right out of the bowl. She brought the idea to her mom, Julie, and they began to brainstorm ingredients for a delicious, risk-free recipe, that would work raw or baked.

With a little creativity and a lot of hard work, they worked to perfect a cookie dough that would be both delicious and safe to eat… and succeeded! The recipe soon became a family staple at parties and celebrations, and Unbakeables was born.

The original flavor is their staple chocolate peanut butter, but there are now nine other popular flavors, including Midnight Mint and Cake Walk. All-natural, egg-free and handcrafted right here in Connecticut, Unbakeables has continued to grow with Corey and Julie at the helm of this constantly evolving company.

“What I love most about owning my own business is that I get to do a little bit of everything, from accounting to marketing to developing new cookie dough flavors, and no day is quite the same,” Corey said.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

Corey discovered the EMG grant through her heavy involvement with WBDC.

“I was very involved with WBDC well before the grant… This organization has honestly helped me more than I can say. They actually care about the business and the business owner, no matter what stage in the company or success level you’re at,” she said.

Julie has also been grateful for the connections they’ve made through WBDC and collaborating and connecting with other women business owners. With guidance and support from WBDC, Unbakeables plans to create delicious confections for many years to come.


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