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Trailing Twine Photography

Hard work to creating and operating a successful business.
Ling Messer, Owner of Trailing Twine Photography
Meet Ling Messer

Owner, Trailing Twine Photography

The Backstory

From a dairy farm technician in the state of Oregon to an accomplished photographer here in Connecticut, Ling Messer has applied dedication and hard work to creating and operating a successful business.

Ling grew up in the Quiet Corner in Thompson, CT, and then moved to Idaho where she earned her degree in Livestock Science. While living in Idaho, she was captivated by the beauty of the west.

Ling began capturing photos of the sunrises, sunsets, and landscapes. She quickly fell in love with photography, and soon realized that it was her dream career. In 2013, she decided to start her own photography business in Oregon.

The following year, Ling moved back to CT to be close to her family and launched Trailing Twine Photography, LLC in 2016. From weddings to engagement photos, her ideal settings for romantic photos are local farms, ranches, and barns. Her work and reputation quickly grew and she added three talented photographers to her company. Trailing Twine focuses on building a relationship with couples before their special day to create the most natural, intimate moments.

“My favorite shots to capture are just of the bride and groom surrounded by wildflowers when the sun is setting, and getting the chance to see their love for one another,” Ling said.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

The pandemic devastated many businesses in the events industry. Many of Trailing Twines’ weddings were canceled or postponed, seriously impacting her revenue stream. Ling knew she needed to pivot and take a different approach to survive the obstacles ahead.

Ling heard about the EMG Grant from the Facebook page of a local news radio station in Putnam, CT. She knew immediately what she would use the grant money for if she were to be selected - new streaming equipment.

The idea came from a wedding she had photographed in 2017, where the mother of the bride had medical issues that prevented her from attending in person. Ling observed that guests were utilizing FaceTime to connect her virtually to the wedding in real-time.

“I realized that while FaceTime was picking up a little bit of audio and video, it was just that small screen and they were missing so much of it, so much of the good stuff,” Ling said. “Hearing and seeing the entire wedding, and being able to be a part of it all, is what matters.”

With the EMG Grant, Ling was able to purchase a powerful WiFi box, allowing her to stream events with the highest level of quality, serving her and her clients especially well if the venue had no or low-quality WiFi. She also has cordless cameras that allow her to stream every angle of the wedding in real-time.

“This new technology has allowed me to stream live videos to Australia, Poland, India, and many more countries,” Ling said. “It’s incredible, and I am beyond grateful at the ability to provide this service to my couples, connecting their families to be a part of their big day.”

When Ling learned that she was receiving the EMG Grant, she said she felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

“When wedding season slows down, I plan on being involved with WBDC in a greater capacity and helping other businesses that the organization serves with photos, videos, live-streaming projects, and more. It’s such a powerful organization to be a part of.”

Moving forward, her goal is to get more creative with product photography in the food and beverage space, such as photographing craft beers, local wines, and other sustainably sourced food and goods. Ling also hopes to offer her streaming services to other businesses, as there has been a permanent shift in employees working from home.

“The EMG Grant and the WBDC helped my business leap forward, in a time where other photography businesses were falling behind. I am grateful,” she said.


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