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The Family Pizza Truck

Specially outfitted truck and trailer serving as a mobile pizzeria.
Angela Bonenfant Sinnott, Owner of Family Pizza Truck
Meet Angela Bonenfant Sinnott

Owner, Family Pizza Truck

The Backstory

There's nothing better than a good slice of pizza, but there’s a magic ingredient to making a truly amazing pizza… and that is who it is served by! When Angela Bonenfant Sinnott decided to start her own business, it was a decision that wasn’t made lightly. She had always had a deli or catering business in the family to be a part of, so the core values of entrepreneurship in the food & beverage sector were engrained. In 2016, while working for Webster Bank, Angela attended a company event where the food being served was from a pizza truck.

It didn’t take long for Angela to start looking at their set up, tasting their pizza and contemplating their process… “I looked at their set up and my brain started working… I know I can do this better, can I do this better?” she asked herself. The idea for her business started there, as she observed the way they made and served pizza, and she was determined to improve the overall experience with her own unique concept for a pizza truck.

While anyone can make, or learn to make, a good pizza pie, 4. She wanted her patrons to feel like they were a part of the family. With the goal of ‘family serving family’ in mind, Angela decided to focus her efforts on the quality of service and building strong relationships with her current and future clients.

With a specially outfitted truck and trailer serving as a mobile pizzeria, the Family Pizza Truck will pull up to your location of choice, heat up the wood fired pizza oven and serve delicious slices with a genuine smile. With a speciality in catering events for up to 150 people, Angela and her team go above and beyond to leave their clients with good food and amazing memories.

“I love the interactions I have with my clients and customers. When someone thanks me after their party on a Saturday, and then calls me again on Monday just to express their gratitude again, you know you did it right.” Angela is proud to be an integral part of these family occasions, whether it is a surprise party for 50 people or a wedding for 150 people. The hospitality component is what sets The Family Pizza Truck apart from the rest… “excellent service simply makes the food taste better.”


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

By 2019, the Family Pizza Truck was a very busy, family operated catering service based out of Southington, Connecticut… and by very busy, we’re talking requests for multiple parties a day! The only way to grow was to find a way to take on more catering jobs and private events, without under or over staffing and without comprising the quality of the product and service. Additionally, with the lack of refrigerator space for inventory for multiple parties a day, Angela had hit a slight obstacle to her growth.

She knew she needed a larger commercial mixer, so she could make more dough from scratch and keep her inventory. Jim Jackson, a gentleman from the SBA, was sensational in his support to help her on her journey to grow her business, and referred her to the CTWBDC.

Angela enrolled in business consulting with CTWBDC and soon learned of endless opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Sherry Konwerski, a Business Advisor for the CTWBDC, was instrumental in the growth of her business. From creating a business plan to long term projections, Angela contributes much of her growth to Ms. Konwerski’s endless support. “The EMG grant was a beautiful addition to the benefit of having Sherry. She really improved my experience and journey as a small business owner.”

The EMG grant will assist Angela in being able to accommodate the requests for more special events by purchasing a new commercial mixer and upgrading refrigeration for her handcrafted dough.


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