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Talk and Play

Meet Amy Anderson Moncy, Owner
Amy Anderson Moncy, Owner of Talk and Play
Meet Amy Anderson Moncy

Owner, Talk and Play

The Backstory

Amy Anderson Moncy has years of experience as a speech pathologist. It is her passion to work with children and families to grow their connection.

Starting her own business was spawned by a phone call Amy received out of the blue. A parent of a child with autism found Amy’s name in the American Speech Language Hearing Association (AHSA) directory and called to ask for her help. Amy began working with the child in the evenings, after her finished her job at a local school. Word soon spread about Amy’s work and she realized there was a need for families to have these types of customized services. She started her own practice in 2014, going to homes after school as she continued to work full time.

In July 2020, Amy officially opened Talk and Play LLC in New London. Talk and Play provides speech language therapy services to the pediatric population. Amy’s goal is to help children strengthen their connection with people – family, friends, and others in the community.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

After following the City of Groton on Facebook, Amy saw a post from the mayor promoting grants for small businesses in the surrounding area. That’s when she learned about WBDC and the grants they provide to small businesses.

Amy wanted to improve her website so that it would better support her clients’ families and provide them with resources to improve communication with their children. She thought a WBDC grant could help her reach that goal so she completed an application and was awarded a grant in September 2022.

She is working with an advisor to ensure that she uses the money in a way that will best help her clients and their families while also helping her grow her business. In the future, Amy hopes to hire more staff, including another speech pathologist or occupational therapist.

In November 2022, WBDC staff members visited Talk and Play to congratulate Amy on receiving the grant. “It was such a great feeling. I’m looking around at all these people and thinking, they really are cheering me on. They want me to succeed. They want to help me help serve my community. I really felt like I had these cheerleaders that I didn’t even know were out there.”

Amy recommends that other small business owners apply for a WBDC grant. She said the application process was manageable because WBDC offers information sessions and provides resources to help applicants through the process.

“Even if you’re not awarded the grant, you will have learned so much about your business. Maybe it gives you some clarification through the process itself.”

According to Amy, the support she has received from WBDC has helped her connect with her community and has provided more opportunities than she could ever have dreamed of.

WBDC is currently accepting applications for the New London/WBDC Small Business Grant Program in partnership with the City of New London. The program is offering grants of up to $10,000 to qualified small businesses located in New London, Connecticut.

“It’s an opportunity to find support for where you want to go with your business and help you make that impact. It’s more than just monetary support,” Amy says of her work with WBDC.


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