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Simone Morris Enterprises LLC

Meet Simone E. Morris, Founder
Simone E. Morris, Owner of Simone Morris Enterprises LLC
Meet Simone E. Morris

Owner, Simone Morris Enterprises LLC

The Backstory

Born in Jamaica, Simone Morris moved to the United States when she was in fifth grade. She grew up in Stamford and Norwalk and was the first person in her family to attend college. After college, Simone embarked on a successful, decades-long career in corporate America, which concluded with a position in the field of Diversity and Inclusion. It was there that Simone found a passion for influencing and transforming workplace culture.

After a restorative break that reaffirmed her next career chapter, she decided to turn her passion into a business. In 2015, Simone Morris Enterprises was launched. Simone’s business has seen robust demand, providing diversity, equity, and inclusion training, consulting, and coaching, as well as training for building inclusive leadership skills. Its signature offering is a six-week incubator program for inclusive leadership immersion. Simone’s mission is to develop more women leaders and foster inclusive business environments.

In addition to running her own business, Simone stays busy as an educator and writer. She is an adjunct professor of public service at NYU Wagner, as well as a diversity and inclusion course facilitator for eCornell. She writes an inclusive leadership column for Forbes, has written pieces for numerous other publications, has authored three books on career success, and hosts two podcasts.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

Simone has been involved with WBDC for several years, taking classes and working with several of the organization’s Business Advisors. In 2021, she received an Equity Match Grant, which allowed her to scale her signature leadership immersion training course. The course, which equips leaders with the skills to deal with an ever-changing workplace environment, will help Simone increase her client base. She says WBDC has helped her to gain confidence to present her company in the best light, provide a sounding board on her business approach, offer guidance on business opportunities, and improve her social media strategy.

“I have received help from WBDC on finances, business strategy, social media and more,” says Simone. “I’m so grateful to have this extended support to ensure long-term growth and success in my business. The education has been invaluable.”

Simone recommends that entrepreneurs not try to pursue their venture alone, but rather seek support through training opportunities and entrepreneur groups. She suggests leveraging resources like WBDC because, she says, “They want you to win.”


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