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Entrepreneurs’ Lifestyle Transformation Gym Offers a Personalized Approach to Fitness

Just as their clients rely on Carrie and Meghan to steer them on the right path to wellness, so, too, did the couple rely on the “invaluable advice” given to them by WBDC to guide them along their entrepreneurial journey.
Meghan Crutchley and Carrie Goldkopf, Owners and Coaches of Organic Fitness, LLC
Meet Meghan Crutchley and Carrie Goldkopf

Owners and Coaches, Organic Fitness, LLC

The Backstory

Carrie Goldkopf, 44, has been in the fitness industry long enough to know exactly what she did and didn’t want to incorporate into her own gym – a dream she finally realized after nearly two decades of experience.

In 2015, she and her 38-year-old wife, personal trainer Meghan Crutchley, opened Organic Fitness, a 1,000 square-foot boutique studio in Stamford in response to what she saw as a “need for a gym that isn’t being run by the marketing machine.”

The Stamford resident explained, “The average consumer looking is legitimately confused about the fitness and weight-loss services they are purchasing … and they should be! I saw the same thing at every gym I worked at … people are not being sold what they need, but a one-size-fits-all package that fails to address their specific challenges or needs.”

“Fitness isn’t like a product you choose because it comes in your favorite color. There are bandaids and quick fixes that aren’t sustainable, and that’s what the fitness machine offers. Anyone can make you tired, but not everyone can make you better. We address the underlying causes in your life that prevent you from leading a healthy, fit life.”

Organic Fitness, LLC, is a lifestyle transformation gym that approaches fitness as a concept that evolves “from the inside out,” Meghan described. “Fitness is something that can enhance or subtract from your life according to how it is taught,” she continued. “All of our personal choices lead up to and change our lifestyle. Organic Fitness is a community that works on consistency and empowerment. Our clients don’t just lose weight and get fit, they gain confidence which affects other areas of their lives. They become empowered to make better choices for themselves.”

The couple explained that when interested clients sign on to Organic Fitness, they don’t just get a personalized exercise plan, they get a lifestyle plan. “We sit down and see what each of their goals and interests are. We talk about where they find difficulty or success with exercise and food choices, all to better understand where they are coming from. Over the course of a month, we develop a program that’s designed specifically for that person. We teach them how to move their body safely within their limitations, all while screening them for movement, measuring muscle mass and body fat and metabolic rate.”

“We make small recommendations that continually evolve. We don’t make any decisions or changes unless they improve what we consider to be the four pillars of our clients’ health: sleep, stress-management, personal development and nutrition.”


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

Just as their clients rely on Carrie and Meghan to steer them on the right path to wellness, so, too, did the couple rely on the “invaluable advice” given to them by the Women’s Business Development Council to guide them along their entrepreneurial journey. “There’s a definite synergy between what we do and what the Women’s Business Development Council does,” explained Meghan. “We’re both about empowerment.”

The two women discovered the not-for-profit through Lorca, a woman-owned coffee shop in Stamford directly across the street from the Women’s Business Development Council’s headquarters. After attending a few workshops and talks, Meghan and Carrie met with marketing consultant Anne DiFrancesco for guidance.

“After I talked with Anne about marketing I felt extremely confident and empowered. She helped us review our web site and marketing assessment. We also took courses to better understand finances and budgeting. I never felt like I was being talked down to, which is always a big fear when there are things you don’t know. They are welcoming and positive and that’s a huge thing.”

Meghan explained that she and her wife recently were awarded a $1,000 grant from the Women’s Business Development Council that they immediately invested in a marketing certification course offering industry-specific marketing strategies and advice. “Getting that grant has been unreal. We’ve been in touch with high-level marketing specialists as a result and it allowed us to close the gap on where we are and where we want to be as we continue to grow.”

“Without a doubt,” she concluded, “The Women’s Business Development Council has contributed to how fast we are growing as confident, small business owners who know how to make better decisions. We’re so fortunate to have this resource in our community!”


Find Out More About Organic Fitness, LLC

For more information visit https://beorganicfit.com.