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Kiara Matos Studio

Meet Kiara Matos, Founder
Kiara Matos, Founder of Kiara Matos Studio
Meet Kiara Matos

Founder, Kiara Matos Studio

The Backstory

Kiara Matos began making ceramics while she was in college in Venezuela. That same year, she made the decision to stop attending school and pursue ceramics as a career.

By this point, Kiara had already developed an appreciation for ceramics as well as a connection to New Haven. Her mother had a ceramics studio in their home in San Cristobal, but lacked the time to pursue the craft. Kiara had also completed pottery classes in New Haven, where she attended college as part of an exchange program.

After Kiara completed ceramics apprenticeships in both Venezuela and the United States, her mother helped spread the word about her works and grow her popularity. She was soon successfully exhibiting her work in Caracas.

However, the increasingly dangerous political climate in Venezuela prompted Kiara and her family to leave the country, and in 2010 they moved to New Haven. Kiara’s husband, Andrea Corazzini, opened the Whole G Bakery and Cafe while Kiara began working out of a home-based studio.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

Kiara first learned about WBDC in January 2021 while looking for information on a PPP loan. She subsequently worked with the organization to develop her QuickBooks skills and to apply for a WBDC Equity Match Grant (EMG).

In 2021, Kiara achieved her longtime goal of opening a retail storefront studio in New Haven, right next door to her husband’s business. She crafts items to sell directly to consumers, as well as to interior designers and stores. Visitors to the studio can peruse beautifully crafted pieces including vases, wall art, bowls, jewelry, and bird sculptures.

Kiara received an EMG around the same time that she was opening her retail location. The grant will allow Kiara to purchase equipment that will make production more efficient to help meet the increased demand in the new studio.

“WBDC has offered both tools and financing which have helped me feel more confident about what I am doing and has given me a better understanding on how to do it. I am very grateful I have been able to transform my passion for ceramics into a promising business,” says Kiara.

Kiara’s advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs is to rely not only on the advice and counsel of mentors, but to look to their own insights and intuition to help make their business unique. She also recommends starting small and remaining flexible, which provides the opportunity to learn from experience before making major changes.


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