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Helping People Be Smart, Successful and Organized with Their Money

Judy Heft is your personal CFO, life advocate, and wellspring of financial wisdom—whether you are a busy parent, young person struggling with student loans, or a high-net worth philanthropist.
Judy Heft, Owner of Judy Heft & Associates
Meet Judy Heft

Owner, Judy Heft & Associates

The Backstory

Judy Heft is your personal CFO, life advocate, and wellspring of financial wisdom—whether you are a busy parent, young person struggling with student loans, or a high-net worth philanthropist.

With a background in small business, bookkeeping and advocating for older Americans, Judy’s utmost concern is confidentiality and information security. Judy combines extensive business management experience with a strong sense of caring for each of her clients. In her more than two decades of experience in the retail industry, she developed broad-based abilities to handle a wide range of financial matters. Judy has owned conventional and Internet-based retail businesses, where she was responsible for daily operations and management, purchasing, sales, accounts payable and receivable, and personnel.

In the 21 years since Judith Heft & Associates was founded, Judy has seen it all; from less-than-honorable people insinuating themselves into the wills of older Americans, to resolving identity theft—and educating her clients on how to avoid it again in the future.

Judy’s early career began in her parents’ retail clothing store. As the store’s buyer and bookkeeper she became familiar with bill-paying, accounts receivable, balancing the company checkbook, and maintaining good relationships with vendors and customers.

After leaving the family business, Judy was contacted by a friend regarding the financial situation of his mother. She was elderly, and completely dependent on others to care for her. Judy quickly saw the cast of players that surrounded her new client were draining her vitality and her checking account. For the first time, Judy realized the scope, far reach, and often intangible nature of elder financial abuse.

After accumulating several older clients, Judy decided to branch out to other demographics with the opening of Judith Heft & Associates. She found a niche in helping her high net worth clients establish well defined, organized systems for handling their finances— including compliance with complex labor laws governing housekeepers, nannies, and home health aides.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

Along the way, she reached out to the Women’s Business Development Council for guidance as she built her business. “When I came to the Women’s Business Development Council, I was working at my business part time. I learned so much from the courses I participated in and met a lot of interesting people. There was so much support. I learned the importance of having a plan, and that I couldn’t run a business by the seat of my pants. At the time I completed a business plan and my business has grown and changed a lot since then. I have expanded my team and increased my sales. My book ‘How to Be Smart, Successful and Organized With Your Money’ is a great resource for people who want a simple guide to their daily financial lives. I recently completed a course to become a Certified Money Coach because I love helping all clients, especially women, understand the pros and cons of their financial habits.”

“The Women’s Business Development Council is a great organization. I recommend it to other women that are starting their own businesses and have come to me for advice. You can get a lot of support from this organization, and it’s hard to do it alone when you are an entrepreneur. It is so nice to have others to bounce ideas off of,” said Heft.


Find Out More About Judy Heft & Associates

For more information visit www.judithheft.com.