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Infinity Music Therapy Services LLC

Meet Jona Jeffcoat, Founder
Jona Jeffcoat, MT-BC, Founder and Music Therapist of Infinity Music Therapy Services LLC
Meet Jona Jeffcoat, MT-BC

Founder and Music Therapist, Infinity Music Therapy Services LLC

The Backstory

Long before Jona Jeffcoat began her career as a music therapist, she gained an appreciation for the healing power of music. From the age of four, Jona spent much of her time in a nursing home where both her mother and grandmother worked. When she began learning the flute in fourth grade, she played for residents and immediately noticed the positive effect it had on them.

In high school, Jona spent many weekends babysitting children in foster care. She also volunteered on a farm for people with mental health disorders and at a camp for kids from low-income households.

While in college, Jona gained clinical experience with in-patient psychiatric patients and in special education classrooms, skilled nursing and memory care facilities, and emergency shelters for children awaiting foster care placement. She received her bachelor’s degree in music therapy in 2007.

After graduating, Jona worked as a direct care aide and later as a live-in house manager at a group home for adults with developmental disabilities. In 2010, she founded Infinity Music Therapy Services, a private music therapy practice. In the early days of entrepreneurship, Jona traveled around the state providing music therapy and music lessons to children and adults with developmental disabilities, mental health disorders, and neurological needs. Describing the impact of her work, Jona says, “I've seen a child with Down Syndrome say their first words in the context of song at 9 years of age. I've seen a 16-year-old take their first steps following a traumatic brain injury using rhythm as their guide. I've watched a husband and wife bond together, with the symptoms of dementia seeming to vanish in the presence of song.”

In 2013, she opened a clinic in Southington, and moved to a larger space in 2018. Today, Infinity Music Therapy Services offers programs such as music therapy, music lessons, professional development workshops, and music-based enrichment programs, both in the clinic and in homes, schools, and facilities.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a major blow to Jona’s business. “​​COVID shut down 95% of my business and I was faced with rebuilding and reimagining a decade of progress and growth,” says Jona. That’s when she learned about WBDC. “The resources provided by the WBDC allowed me to access multiple funding lines in the height of COVID which meant staying afloat and rebuilding to where we are today.” Jona has received business advising, attended classes, and ultimately received an Equity Match Grant (EMG) through the organization. She is using the EMG to help launch the first mobile music therapy clinic in Connecticut, and only the second in the country. “Through the mobile clinic,” says Jona, “we aim to strengthen community relationships, and build referral networks. We plan to expand services to each corner of the state and begin the framework to open additional satellite clinics to increase accessibility to music therapy.”

“WBDC has provided me unconditional support and motivation to continue to chase my dreams and build a solid business plan with firm financial projections,” Jona says. “I have received validation when I am on track and a safe space in the face of adversity.”


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