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An Immigrant’s Story of Perseverance, Advocacy and Success

Armed with a strong work ethic and a passion for the elderly, Shivonne Mathison used her education, experience and grit to open her own non-medical home care agency.
Shivonne Mathison, Owner of Cura Home Care Services, LLC
Meet Shivonne Mathison

Owner, Cura Home Care Services, LLC

The Backstory

Prominently featured on the web site of Cura Home Care Services are the words “Quality care with cheer, care and compassion”. More than a slogan, it’s a motto that 36-year-old owner Shivonne Mathison takes to heart in her pursuit to keep Fairfield County seniors living safe and independent lives in their own homes.

Cura Home Care Services, LLC, launched in May of 2018, is a non-medical home care agency in Fairfield offering personal care, homemaker and live-in companion services. Setting Cura apart from the numerous other agencies scattered throughout Connecticut is its commitment to clients’ happiness and mental well-being as much as their physical wellness.

“When I first come to a client’s home to assess their physical needs, I ask about their interests and create an individualized activity plan based on what they enjoy,” explained Mathison. “Maybe they like to listen to a certain kind of music, do a crossword or a craft, maybe watch their favorite program or take a walk with their caregiver. One of my client’s sons recently called saying how happy he was that his mom was sitting up, watching her favorite TV show instead of lying in bed like she used to.”

Mathison says that her extensive experience providing both hands-on care and behind-the-scenes advocacy and policy creation has given her a solid, well-rounded perspective of all aspects of the home care spectrum.

“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” she explained. “And I have always had such a passion for the elderly population. I enjoy and respect them so much – there’s always so much you can learn from them. I thought, I can do this … and I did!”

Mathison is no stranger to hard work and perseverance. In 2000, at the age of 16, she emigrated from the South American country of Guyana. Though her aunts and cousins before her were home care aides, she was determined to become the first of her family to enroll in college earning a bachelor’s degree and later a master’s degree in social work.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

Just as college made an indelible impact on her advancement, so, too, did the Women’s Business Development Council when she turned to them for guidance years later.

“I met (Women’s Business Development Council Business Specialist) Carol Cheswick at a function a few months ago. We talked about the overall structure of my business and she listened to my challenges and confirmed that I was on the right path. Anne DiFrancesco, the marketing counselor, advised me to complete and fix my LinkedIn profile and build my social media following. She provided me with great insight about networking and putting myself and my business out in front of people. I felt really good about leaving her office,” she said.

Mathison explained that one of the biggest challenges she faced as a woman business owner was coming to the ‘hard’ realization that she was not an expert in every facet of her business. “We put a lot pressure on ourselves thinking that just because we own it, we need to be able to master it all. I needed the most support with financials and bookkeeping. I had specific questions about securing a business loan and repaying through the business. Samantha Cross (Women’s Business Development Council Financial Education Specialist) offered me the answers I needed; it was a great conversation.”

Today, three months after Cura’s launch, business is thriving, word is spreading and Mathison couldn’t be more pleased.

“Taking the steps to become a business owner was a bit scary,” she admitted, “but honestly it felt really empowering. I am an immigrant, a woman, and a person of color. None of my family before me stepped out and did their own thing; this was entirely new. I feel as though I have a whole support system in the Women’s Business Development Council standing right behind me.”

“My soul is happy when I see women supporting women!”


Find Out More About Cura Home Care Services, LLC

For more information on Cura Home Care Services, visit curahomecaresvcs.com.