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Illumina Skin Care Massage

When people come here, I want them to feel like they are at home
Lilian Freire, Owner of Illumina Skin Care Massage
Meet Lilian Freire

Owner, Illumina Skin Care Massage

The Backstory

Born and raised in Brazil, Lillian started doing skincare at the age of thirteen. She fell in love with self care, and that by taking care of yourself on the outside, you could better radiate what was on the inside. She went through substantial schooling and practiced as a licensed Esthetician in Boston for many years. When Lillian and her husband decided to move to CT, she thought to herself… Why not just open a location of my own?

She attended massage school and officially decided she wanted to start something that was hers. She opened Illumina in 2016. Her boutique studio offers a wide array of treatments including massage, facials and body waxing and her mission is ‘to educate on the importance of respecting your skin and your soul.’ Her company is focused on the mind-body-energy components of massage, skincare and healing. Lillian’s desire was to have people leave her studio feeling better about themselves than when they had first arrived.

“When people come here, I want them to feel like they are at home and leave not only with glowing skin, but feeling like a million bucks.” She is currently the only esthetician in Connecticut offering DMK enzyme therapy. Unlike other treatments on the market, it rebuilds, restores and refreshes the skin at a cellular level providing long term results. Lillian says she has clients that drive from Boston, Vermont, etc. just to get this treatment.

She customizes every facial and massage to the individual needs of each client. “No two clients are the same, and everyone receives a unique level of treatment.” Lillian is incredibly proud to have survived the challenges of the pandemic, and continues to be amazed by the love and support of her trusting, loyal clients. While many skincare places were closing their doors, Lillian was able to thrive with the help of her clients, family and added support from the EMG Grant.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

Lillian heard about the EMG Grant through the Small Business Administration. She hadn’t worked with WDBC prior to the grant application, and wishes deeply she had discovered the organization sooner. “I cannot believe I went all this time [prior to the grant] without being a part of this community. Now I can’t get enough… I am always on their website, and spreading the word about how amazing WBDC has been.”

With the funds from the EMG Grant, Lillian was able to purchase additional equipment, such as LED lighting, and receive training in Gua-Sha, a traditional Chinese method to heal the skin on the face or body by using a smooth stone to stroke the skin with gentle pressure. This type of massage has been known to treat chronic pain all over the body.

She was also able to further develop her online store, where she sells products related to skin care, as well as accessories made by other local artisans. “I deeply believe in women supporting women, especially in business. WBDC takes this concept to a whole other level and I’m forever grateful to be a part of it.”


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