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Balanced Bee-ing

Aimee Elsner wears many hats, from being a mom and wife, to a yoga teacher and studio owner, to a life skills coach and occupational therapist.
Aimee Elsner, Owner of Balanced Bee-ing
Meet Aimee Elsner

Owner, Balanced Bee-ing

The Backstory

Aimee Elsner wears many hats, from being a mom and wife, to a yoga teacher and studio owner, to a life skills coach and occupational therapist. Her goal is a simple one: to live her best life possible, and help others live theirs.

In 2008, Aimee and her husband decided to move to Stamford with their two boys.

“Neither my husband or myself are from Connecticut, but we visited Stamford once or twice, and fell in love with it,” she said. “It just seemed like the perfect place to move and raise our family.”

The following year, Aimee’s world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to stop working. During this time, her two sons started attending a local preschool. As she became involved with the school, she saw a need among students for body awareness and mindfulness. She decided then to become a yoga instructor, for her own healing and to help others as well.

Aimee stepped away from her career in occupational therapy to practice and teach Baptiste Power Yoga, opening her own studio in Stamford, CT Power Yoga. From workshops to mentoring, her goal was to enhance the connection between body, breath, and mind for her clients.

When the pandemic hit, her busy caseload converted to online consultations. She started seeing pediatric patients via Telehealth, and she could feel their frustration. ‘What can I give them that is better than this?”, she asked. It spurred her decision to expand her yoga studio with a new initiative, combining both of her skillsets in mind/body work and occupational therapy.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

Aimee had friends who had worked with WBDC but had never participated herself until she came across the EMG grant.

“I thought, well, here is my chance to use movement and mindfulness to get kids connected to their bodies and their breath. I just felt strongly that it was imperative that children had the opportunity to be seen in person and have the connection,” she said.

She couldn't have imagined what would happen next.

“Not only did I receive the grant for equipment [swings, new website, tools, games, supplies, etc.], I found a mentor through WBDC. She was completely and absolutely amazing, really grounding me in how to run a business and organize myself so that I could function efficiently.”

Aimee has been running sensory motor yoga and other groups for different ages, as well as working with young women who feel stuck in life and need accountability and direction. She has also rebranded her new adventure and expanded offerings as Balanced Bee-ing.

“WBDC provides an amazing opportunity for women to get support in areas of business that they don’t know very well. I mean, I’m not a businesswoman, I’m just a yoga teacher or occupational therapist… but through WBDC, I became a business woman,” she said. “I didn’t go to school for it, but the organization gave me the chance to get a business education through them and with their unwavering support.

“Balanced Bee-ing Occupational Therapy has been growing ever since I reached out to WBDC for support,” Elsner said. “With the assistance of an amazing mentor and the grant money, I have been able to purchase equipment, testing supplies, games and a computer to run my business. Without the support of WBDC, Balanced Bee-ing OT would not have taken off so fast.”


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