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Anchor & Compass

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Sage Novak, Owner of Anchor & Compass
Meet Sage Novak

Owner, Anchor & Compass

The Backstory

Sage Novak grew up in Deep River, with a goal of becoming a news anchor. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Political Science. After college, she joined Channel 3 News.

But life has a way of setting us on new courses, and different journeys.

After a time, Sage decided to take the people skills she honed from her time in media and parlay them into a more satisfying career - which also tapped into her love for interior design - real estate. She married and had two daughters with her husband, Rob. They poked around downtown Deep River and mulled opening a shop of their own someday.

Then, in 2008, Rob suddenly and tragically passed away. Sage put her life on pause to grieve, and to nurture their two young girls.

Even during this dark time, life was mapping a new direction.

In 2010, Sage opened a men’s shop in her beloved hometown, named Anchor & Compass. “Anchor” for Rob, with whom she had launched out on life, and “Compass” for her new husband Dan, with whom she was continuing the journey.

Anchor & Compass specializes in men’s retail, grooming, and fashion with an upbeat, fun vibe. In 2016, Sage opened a partner location called Compass Rose, a conceptually similar retail store for women.

Interacting with customers and supporting the Deep River community are the best parts of Sage’s workday, she said.


How Women's Business Development Council Helped

In the midst of the pandemic, Sage was at Liberty Bank filling out a PPP loan, feeling the stresses of keeping her small business alive, and heard about the EMG Grant from a bank manager there.

With the funds from the grant, Sage was able to invest in new technology. As the owner of two very busy boutiques, she struggled to find time for E-Commerce and website development, so the grant enabled her to complete these much-needed projects.

When she visited the WBDC offices, she was struck by the sense of community and relationship.

“I can’t explain it any other way, it just had this really great vibe,” she said. “I felt so blessed to be a part of it.”


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