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WBDC Dinner

Celebrating Economic Empowerment for Women


The Malcolm Pray Achievement Center houses the vintage car collection of automotive entrepreneur, Malcolm S. Pray Jr (1928-2013). Mr. Pray hosted WBDC’s first fundraiser nearly 23 years ago. His belief in success through entrepreneurship compelled him to open the Achievement Center as a means of encouraging youth to explore entrepreneurship. The venue holds the 30+ car collection which includes a 1907 Metz, a 1909 Model T, a 1934 Packard LeBaron, 1955 MG, 1957 Porsche Speedster, 1954 Kaiser Darrin and a 1957 Cadillac Brougham to name a few!

All funds raised will be used to further WBDC’s entrepreneurial education programs and empowerment of women towards becoming thriving business owners, entrepreneurs and employers.

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The Women’s Business Development Council educates, motivates and empowers women to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency. From starting or growing a business to improving personal finances, the Women’s Business Development Council drives business success in a tangible and accessible way. Our clients exemplify what happens when ambition, education and preparation come together. Meet some of our clients here.

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