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WBDC is announcing the hiring of Joy Braddock as Torrington Business Advisor and Annya White-Brown as Marketing Business Advisor

The Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC) is announcing the additions of Joy Braddock and Annya White-Brown to its team of Business Advisors. Specifically, Braddock will serve as Torrington Business Advisor, focusing on supporting emerging and existing business owners in Torrington, as well as other areas; and White-Brown, as Marketing Business Advisor, will use her own experience to guide Connecticut women entrepreneurs looking to expand their business through marketing. 

“Joy and Annya are amazingly talented and experienced entrepreneurs, and we are absolutely delighted to have them join our team of advisors,” said WBDC CEO Fran Pastore. “Each of them brings a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, but both have an absolute passion for supporting our state’s small business community.”

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