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eLearning Library: Established Entrepreneurs

eLearning Library: Established Entrepreneurs

Many On-Demand Learning Options for You

WBDC eLearning Classroom for
Established Entrepreneurs

Established Entrenpreneurs

Resources on a range of topics for established businesses to support their growth.



Building Your B.A.I.L. Team - I is for Insurer

Insurance protects your most valuable asset . . . you! Everyone believes the bad things happen to other people but, as a business owner, you have to plan for the things that no one wants to think about. 
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Building Your B.A.I.L. Team - L is for Lawyer

Lawyers/Legal Experts provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business – including regulatory compliance, contracts and trademark advice, plus formal business incorporation and risk assessment.
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Business Strategy Refinement

Examine the motivations and aspirations that drive strategy for small business owners.
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Cyber Security

Think your business is too small to be concerned about cyber security? Think again! Typically, we only hear about data breaches at huge corporations, but the truth is most businesses that are hacked are small. Find out how you can tell if your business is vulnerable and get tips on how to make it more secure.
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Effective Delegation

This session covers ways to communicate expectation, engage your staff for growth, and tools for taking action for a more effective team. Invest time to consider how you and your team can work together to build professional and company impact.
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Thinking Globally, Contracting Locally

Explore how you can position your company for business-to-government contracts. This session will cover searching for opportunities, strategy for pursuing the right projects, and best practices for the process of contract success. Invest time to consider how you and your team might build your client portfolio to include local government and the role it has in your business development. 
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Building Your B.A.I.L. Team - A is for Accountant

Accountants evaluate your financial statements and tax position to help further your company’s progress towards its goals. Explore how you can implement accounting practices for your business. This session will cover ways to build a relationship with your accounting professionals, provide the accountant’s view on working with your business, and engage tools for you to take action on improving your business story by the numbers
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Building Your B.A.I.L. Team - B is for Banker

Bankers supply cash management, merchant processing, and other valuable services — not just someone you talk to when you need financing. Explore how you can implement best banking practices for your business.
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Know Your Numbers

Learn common types and important considerations for financing a new business. This series of short videos, averaging five to 10 minutes each, covers topics such as Financing Options and Preparation, Accounting Applications, Revenue Models, Calculating Costs, Pricing and Profitability, Personal Credit, and QuickBooks Basics. Check back regularly for new additions.
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Money Tips to Help Women Thrive

The “M” word doesn’t have to raise fears every time you hear it. While you may feel you have a good grasp on the basics, more refined skills are helpful in learning to build a secure financial future. Join us for an interactive discussion and leave with an action plan that will help guide your financial future.
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The ABC's of SEO

Learn about SEO, Keywords, SEO Ranking Factors, Google and Analytics and Google My Business.
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Branding for Your Small Business

Take a close look at what branding means for small businesses and how you can create a brand strategy that will set you apart from the competition.
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Branding, Logos, and Taglines

As a small business owner, having a unique brand that differentiates you from your competition is very important, but how do you develop yours into one that tells the story of your company?  Learn the difference between a logo and a brand, and how taglines can help you communicate your promise to your customers.
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How PR Can Help Your Business

Do you understand the difference between public relations, marketing, and advertising? Wonder how you can use public relations to grow your small business?
Join us to learn exactly what public relations is and how it can help your business.
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Website Development: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Thinking of creating a website for your business and wondering if you should do it yourself or hire a professional? Explore the pros and cons of both options.
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