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eLearning Library: Child Care Businesses

eLearning Library: Child Care Businesses

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WBDC eLearning Classroom for
Child Care Businesses

Child Care Businesses

Child Care Providers have different needs than many other businesess. WBDC is creating an eLearning Library specifically tailored for Child Care Providers. 

Need more general business information? Click on the eLearning – the Full Catalog button below for additional relevant topics that are applicable to all businesses, including child care.

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Accounting and Finance

Helpful Tips in Preparing Your Business Taxes (English)

Learn some quick tips to help you prepare and stay on top of the paperwork that comes in fast and furious in the early part of the year.
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eLearning en español

Sesión informativa sobre subvenciones para proveedores de cuidado infantil

Vea esta sesión informativa para conocer las oportunidades de subvenciones para empresas de cuidado infantil del Consejo de Desarrollo Empresarial de Mujeres. Este programa ofrece cuatro (4) subvenciones de hasta $ 25,000 a empresas de cuidado infantil aspirantes y con licencia OEC en el estado de Connecticut. La sesión de información cubrirá los requisitos de elegibilidad, para qué se puede utilizar la subvención y el proceso de solicitud y el cronograma. Compartiremos las preguntas de la solicitud y la documentación de respaldo requerida. También habrá tiempo para preguntas.
El período de solicitud de subvención será del 1 al 21 de noviembre, y alentamos a todos los solicitantes interesados a que asistan a una sesión informativa para comprender qué se requiere para la solicitud. La sesión de información está diseñada para ayudarlo a preparar su solicitud. Solo necesita asistir a una sesión, aunque puede asistir a las dos si lo desea.
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Fall 2021 Child Care Provider Grants

Info Session Child Care Grants
Watch this information session to learn about the Women’s Business Development Council’s Child Care Business Grant Opportunities.  This program offers four (4) grants of up to $25,000 to aspiring and OEC licensed child care businesses in the state of Connecticut.  The information session will cover eligibility requirements, what the grant can be used for, and the application process and timeline.  We will share the application questions and the required supporting documentation.  There will also be time for questions.
The grant application period will be from November 1st to 21st, and we encourage all interested applicants to attend an information session to understand what is required for the application.  The information session is designed to help you prepare your application.  You only need to attend one session, although you are welcome to attend both if you would like.
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Human Resources

Onboarding a New Employee

Doing all your HR yourself and ready to onboard new hires?  Learn about state and federal requirements, employee contracts and policies, onboarding training, and more. Leave with the confidence to successfully onboard your next hire. 
This program is ideal for those looking to hire their first or second employee, or those that have employees and want to strengthen their best practices. 

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Recruiting & Interviewing in a Tight Job Market

Doing all your HR yourself?  Learn the key to writing a great job posting, selecting the best candidates to interview, asking the right interview questions, and extending an offer. Leave ready to fill your job openings!  
This program is ideal for those looking to hire their first or second employee, or those that have employees and want to strengthen their best practices. We also recommend the recorded webinar for our Onboarding a New Employee 
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OEC Stabilization Funding

Child Care Staff Compensation Plan 101
Geared toward eligible child care providers with program staff that are planning to apply for OEC’s Childcare Stabilization Funding.
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Tracking Grants / Funding Expenses
Learn the best way to track your grant expenses, classify them correctly and have access to up-to-date financial information. 
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Staff Compensation Planning for Stabilization Funding (FOR CENTERS)

Learn how to leverage OEC Stabilization Funds to attract and retain employees. Examine the many options you have for using the funds, plus what you need to consider when deciding what to do with the funding. You will find out information about awarding bonuses, and how to start or fund retirement plans and other savings programs that are a benefit to existing and future employees.
This recording is ideal for small to mid-sized child care centers with 5-50 employees.
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Strategies to Manage Your OEC Funds

Be prepared to leverage OEC stabilization funding in the most effective way for your business.
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Child Care Business Support

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