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eLearning Library: Child Care Businesses

eLearning Library: Child Care Businesses

Many On-Demand Learning Options for You

WBDC eLearning Classroom for
Child Care Businesses

Child Care Businesses

Child Care Providers have different needs than many other businesess. WBDC is creating an eLearning Library specifically tailored for Child Care Providers. 

Need more general business information? Click on the eLearning – the Full Catalog button below for additional relevant topics that are applicable to all businesses, including child care.

Accounting and Finance

Calculating Your Cost of Care for Family Homes
Discuss how to calculate your cost of care by examining your pricing, profit , and projections. Learn how to find your break-even point to better set prices and work towards increasing your profit. Leave with practical guidance to create your annual budget.
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Helpful Tips in Preparing Your Business Taxes (English)

Learn some quick tips to help you prepare and stay on top of the paperwork that comes in fast and furious in the early part of the year.
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Retirement Plan Options for Sole Proprietors (English)

“To work because I want to and not because I have to” is one of the most common reasons why an entrepreneur starts their own business. But day-to-day activities shift the focus away from planning for the future. Learn about different options and strategies when planning for retirement.
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Calculating Your Time-Space Percentage
Calculating your time-space percentage is an essential part of managing your family childcare home. Learn why this percentage is important and how to calculate it. 
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Starting a Child Care Center - What You Need to Know
Learn about important items to consider before taking the leap to expand.  Get practical tips on budgeting, assembling your early childhood team, managing enrollment, and more.
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Business Essentials: Creating Effective Payment Policies
Discussion of drafting payment policies that will increase your cash flow and improve your ability to budget.   
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Tips for Financial Success in 2023!

Are your business finances organized for 2022 to prepare for tax season? Are you satisfied with your financial plan for 2023? If not, this is the class for you!  Topics will include budgeting/financial projections, cash-flow management, profit pitfalls and tax preparation.
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Business Essentials

Business Insurance
Find out what kind of coverage(s) meets your needs, and how it is different than your Building, Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance.  This program is open to child care centers, group homes, and family homes
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eLearning en español

Retirement Plan Options for Sole Proprietors (Spanish)

“Trabajar porque quiero y no porque tengo que hacerlo” es una de las razones más comunes por las que un emprendedor inicia su propio negocio. Pero las actividades cotidianas desvían el enfoque de la planificación para el futuro. Conozca las diferentes opciones y estrategias al planificar para la jubilación.
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Consejos útiles para preparar sus impuestos comerciales

Get some quick tips to help you prepare and stay on top of the paperwork that comes in fast and furious in the early part of the year.
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Tecnología fácil: Navegar en línea de forma segura

¡Únase a nosotros para una sesión importante sobre las mejores prácticas de ciberseguridad. Aprenda a autenticar el sitio web en el que se encuentra y envíe su información de forma segura; obtener consejos para una mejor gestión de contraseñas; y cómo descargar y guardar documentos de forma segura en computadoras públicas.
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Iniciar un centro de cuidado infantil: lo que necesita saber

¿Estás pensando en crecer desde una casa familiar a un centro? ¿O ha abierto recientemente un centro? Únase a WBDC Business Advisor y experta en la primera infancia, Linda Fecteau, para aprender sobre artículos importantes a considerar antes de dar el salto para expandirse. Obtenga consejos prácticos sobre presupuestar, ensamblar su equipo de la primera infancia, administrar la inscripción y más.
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Tecnología simplificada: PDF y archivos adjuntos de correo electrónico

¿Alguna vez ha tenido problemas para usar Adobe Acrobat, guardar documentos en PDF, combinar varios documentos en un PDF o firmar documentos? O quizás necesite un repaso sobre cómo adjuntar esos documentos a un correo electrónico. Luego, únase a nosotros en esta sesión para repasar todas estas funciones, hacer sus preguntas y salir sintiéndose más seguro de cómo se involucra en los negocios.
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Child Care Provider Grants

Child Care Business Grant Prep: Financial Statements & Projections (English)


This session will walk you through gathering your financials and filling out the WBDC financial templates (or using your own!).
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Child Care Grant Information Session (Spanish) 9.2.23


El Fondo de Oportunidades está diseñado para ayudar a que crezcan las empresas de cuidado infantil con licencia y aspirantes. El Fondo tiene programas de subvenciones dirigidos a diferentes etapas de la empresa, desde la puesta en marcha hasta las que están listas para expandir su negocio.
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Child Care Business Grant Prep: Financial Statements & Projections (Spanish)


Esta sesión lo guiará a través de la recopilación de sus finanzas y el llenado de las plantillas financieras de la WBDC (¡o utilizando las suyas propias!).
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Grant Prep - Financial Statements & Projections
If you are a Connecticut OEC-licensed or aspiring child care provider interested in applying for WBDC’s Child Care Start-up, Expansion, or Emergency Facilities Grant programs, we invite you to join this session to get guidance on preparing your use of funds worksheet, historical & current financial statements, as well as your financial projections.
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Child Care Grant Information Session (English) 9.2.23


WBDC is AGAIN offering grants to qualified child care businesses in Connecticut through its Child Care Business Opportunity Fund.  The Opportunity Fund is designed to help licensed and aspiring child care businesses grow!  The Fund has grant programs targeting different stages of business, from start-ups to those ready to expand their business.
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Human Resources

5 Areas of Labor & Employment Law You Should Know

Are you up on the ever-changing landscape of labor and employment laws? Join us as we chat with Employment and Labor Attorney, Jennie Woltz to discuss the 5 areas of labor and employment law that you need to know about.
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Onboarding a New Employee

Doing all your HR yourself and ready to onboard new hires?  Learn about state and federal requirements, employee contracts and policies, onboarding training, and more. Leave with the confidence to successfully onboard your next hire. 
This program is ideal for those looking to hire their first or second employee, or those that have employees and want to strengthen their best practices. 

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Business Essentials: Benefits of Child Care Management Software
CCMS helps providers to implement business practices, supports efficient operations, budgeting, fee collection and financial reporting.
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Recruiting & Interviewing in a Tight Job Market

Doing all your HR yourself?  Learn the key to writing a great job posting, selecting the best candidates to interview, asking the right interview questions, and extending an offer. Leave ready to fill your job openings!  
This program is ideal for those looking to hire their first or second employee, or those that have employees and want to strengthen their best practices. We also recommend the recorded webinar for our Onboarding a New Employee 
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Employee Compliance

Learn best practices for hiring, retaining, and supervising staff.   
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OEC Stabilization Funding

Child Care Staff Compensation Plan 101
Geared toward eligible child care providers with program staff that are planning to apply for OEC’s Childcare Stabilization Funding.
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Tracking Grants / Funding Expenses
Learn the best way to track your grant expenses, classify them correctly and have access to up-to-date financial information. 
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Staff Compensation Planning for Stabilization Funding (FOR CENTERS)

Learn how to leverage OEC Stabilization Funds to attract and retain employees. Examine the many options you have for using the funds, plus what you need to consider when deciding what to do with the funding. You will find out information about awarding bonuses, and how to start or fund retirement plans and other savings programs that are a benefit to existing and future employees.
This recording is ideal for small to mid-sized child care centers with 5-50 employees.
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Strategies to Manage Your OEC Funds

Be prepared to leverage OEC stabilization funding in the most effective way for your business.
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Tech Made Easy: Digitizing Your Receipts

Learn how to take the first step in managing your personal and business receipts, and get ready for tax season by organizing your receipts for yourself or your bookkeeper.  Explore tools and applications to effectively capture your receipts and other important financial documents.
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Tech Made Easy: PDF's and Email Attachments

Have you ever struggled with using Adobe Acrobat, saving documents to PDF, combining multiple documents into one PDF, or signing documents? Or perhaps you need a refresher on how to attach those documents to an email.  Then join us for this session to go over all these features, ask your questions, and walk away feeling more confident about how you engage in business.
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Tech Made Easy: Navigating Online Safely

An important session on cybersecurity best practices.  Learn how to authenticate the website you are on and send your information securely; get tips for better password management; and how to download and save documents safely on public computers.
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Tech Made Easy: Organizing Your Files

Participants will learn valuable techniques and tools to categorize, store, and access files efficiently and effortlessly. Simply your business processes and boost productivity with the tips you will take away from this class.
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