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Speed Counseling

Meet One-on-One with four different business counselors in one evening!
Speed Counseling
June 5th, 2018
What You'll Gain:
  • Marketing Counseling
  • Business Strategy Counseling
  • Access to Capital Counseling
  • Personal Finance Counseling
Cost: $20

Are you a small business owner? Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to get one-on-one advice from the Women’s Business Development Council’s industry experts in areas such as: Marketing, Business Strategy, Access to Capital, and Personal Finance.

You have the opportunity to have a fifteen minute, one-on-one session with just one counselor or meet with all four counselors in the span of one evening.

Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM

Location: Milford

Appointments Required/$20

Instructor: Janet Siegenthaler, Carol Cheswick, Samantha Cross, Sue Yasav
Title: Women's Business Development Council's Business Counselors
Bio: JANET SIEGENTHALER: WBDC Access to Capital Specialist. Formerly a finance executive with over twenty years of experience in commercial banking, marketing and corporate sales, Janet assists companies in obtaining capital and achieving profitable growth. CAROL CHESWICK: WBDC Business Specialist. Since joining WBDC in 2012, Ms. Cheswick instructs our GPS Business Plan program and conducts one-on-one counseling. SAMANTHA CROSS: Founder, Square One Financial Education. Square One is founded on the belief that understanding how to manage the complex world of personal finance starts with gaining knowledge of the concepts involved. SUE YASAV: Vice President of Thought Leadership, Synchrony Financial. With experience in retail strategies, consumer trends, digital transformation, customer experience and market segmentation, Sue brings 30 years of experience with IBM and Citibank.
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Terms of Service: WBDC is a nonprofit organization, required by its funders to collect data requested on this form. WBDC places great value on your personal privacy and the confidential facts and figures you disclose concerning your business activities. Information concerning you and your business is kept strictly confidential and is reported only in aggregate unless prior approval is received from you. WBDC is able to offer its programs and services at afforable and/or reduced rates due to the support of Federal, State, Municipal, Corporate and Individual contributors and the programs or services you participate in are either partially or fully subsidized.