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Child Care Business Advising

Move your business forward with the support and guidance of a WBDC Business Advisor.

Guidance to Reach Your Business Goals

We provide free business advising to support your entrepreneurial journey and empower you to move your business forward.


New to WBDC?

Get started with an orientation session and assessment.

Meet with WBDC Childcare Program Manager and Business Advisor, Jacqui Torcellini, to learn about the programs and services that WBDC has to support you on your business journey.  Interested in a little more?  Participate in an assessment to help us understand your business challenges, and walk away with a customized action plan with practical steps to grow your knowledge and help you move forward.


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Nuevo en WBDC?

Comience con una sesión de orientación y obtenga respuestas a sus preguntas comerciales.

Reúnase con la asesora empresarial multilingüe, Evelyn Isaia, para conocer los programas y servicios que WBDC tiene para ayudarle en su viaje empresarial. Reciba orientación sobre los pasos prácticos que puede tomar para perfeccionar su estrategia comercial, solicitar subvenciones y préstamos, y más. Aléjese empoderado y listo para dar el siguiente paso en su viaje empresarial.


Contactar a Evelyn

También puede llamar a Evelyn al (203) 585-8144 para programar una cita.

Meet Our Advisors

We have a team of business and personal finance experts to help guide you in making informed decisions.

Our team of professionals have expertise in personal finance, business, accounting, marketing, strategy, human resources, and more.  They are here to guide you in making decisions and empower you to take action that is best for your business.  These appointments are designed to build on your existing acumen or knowledge gained from programs to provide tailored advice.

All counseling appointments are currently taking place virtually via Zoom, or by phone.


Meet Our Advisors


Contact Us to Request an Appointment

Or call (203) 751-9550 option 4 to request an appointment.


Meet our Clients

The Women’s Business Development Council educates, motivates and empowers women to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency. From starting or growing a business to improving personal finances, the Women’s Business Development Council drives business success in a tangible and accessible way. Our clients exemplify what happens when ambition, education and preparation come together. Meet some of our clients here.

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