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Allison Bishins Consulting
Address: Tacoma, WA
Short Business Description: Small business consulting centered on helping businesses learn how to use social media to increase revenue AND build community at the same time. 1:1 Zoom consulting, monthly workshops, on-demand virtual classes + workbooks, plus keynotes + virtual conference workshops!
Long Business Description:

Allison has a background in marketing, community development, environmental issues, and non-profit work. She teaches businesses strategies that are simple, effective, and efficient - no gimmicks, hacks, or paid ads necessary! She teaches a wide range of social media marketing classes (overview, cell phone photography for social media, finding local customers on social media, and more!) live and through on-demand virtual courses. She specializes in helping businesses create and clarify their mission, vision, elevator pitch and value proposition through clear, intuitive and thoughtful sessions.

Business Website Address: http://www.allisonbishins.com
Business Phone Number: 8503395691
SKL Associates DBA AdviCoach
Short Business Description: Business coach working with owners and managers to define and achieve success.
Long Business Description:

Business owners face numerous challenges, opportunities and victories. Whether your business is not growing fast enough, growing too fast, not finding the right people, not enough personal time, not enough money, too much money (yes, that is a real problem!), nearing the point of retirement... whatever you and your business are facing, a #businesscoach can help you work through the issue by providing awareness, education and accountability. Coaching is an expectation in athletics- allowing athletes to achieve their highest potential. Why shouldn't that be the same for business? Contact me today to spend 90 minutes (complimentary) finding out what #businesscoaching can do for you and your #business.
Career changes, whether that's starting a business or changing jobs, can be a stressful time. Our #careercoaching program takes you through the decision process, working to ensure that your new direction is in alignment with your values and aspirations. Create a well thought through plan rather than taking the path of least resistance.

Business Website Address: http://www.advicoach.com/slewis
Business Phone Number: 8608766199
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