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Samantha Cross

Financial Education Advisor
Samantha Cross, Financial Education Advisor, Financial Education Advisor
Meet Samantha Cross, Financial Education Advisor

Financial Education Advisor

Samantha Cross is the founder of a company dedicated to teaching fundamental financial skills to all. It is founded on the belief that understanding how to manage the complex world of personal finance starts with gaining a knowledge of the concepts involved, and Samantha is dedicated to ensuring that these concepts are learned and understood by her clients.  When the foundation is strong, the possibilities are endless.

The idea for the company started in the beginning of her professional career at a large financial services firm when Samantha realized she was ill prepared for the personal financial commitments that “adulthood” entailed.  It turns out, speaking to clients with billions of dollars in assets does not prepare you to understand how a mortgage works! Samantha launched her company in 2013 and for the past few years has worked with many schools, after school programs, businesses, community organizations and individuals to teach financial literacy in classrooms, conference rooms and living rooms across the Tri-State area.  She also writes for various publications and publishes a monthly newsletter.

Samantha has an Undergraduate Degree in Finance from Fairfield University and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.  She lives in Stamford, CT with her husband, 2 daughters, 2 cats, and a tomato garden in the backyard!

To schedule a virtual counseling session with Samantha, contact Alicia at (203) 751-9550 x111 or info@ctwbdc.org.