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Terri Piekara

Social Media Business Advisor
Terri Piekara, Social Media Advisor, Social Media Business Advisor
Meet Terri Piekara, Social Media Advisor

Social Media Business Advisor

Terri Piekara is a social media consultant, Instagram strategist and podcaster who believes deeply in the Three C’s – Communication, Connection and Community. She guides solopreneurs and small business owners to speak authentically about themselves and their businesses in social media.

Social media and social audio are, above all else, social and are most powerful when real conversations are happening. When business owners show up on their social platforms consistently, with value and authenticity, they build their brands, attract new followers, and grow sales.

Terri has a Bachelor of Science degree from Syracuse University. Before joining WBDC, she worked in the airline, retail and small business industries.

When she is not deep diving the latest social platform, Terri can be found listening to podcasts while walking her dog and drinking good coffee.

To request a virtual counseling appointment with Terri,
contact Adriana at (203) 751-9550 x133 or info@ctwbdc.org.