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Susan Hackett

Assessment Counselor & Accountability Coach
Susan Hackett, Assessment Counselor, Program Coordinator
Meet Susan Hackett, Assessment Counselor

Program Coordinator

Susan Hackett is a Program Coordinator at the Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC). She is responsible for coordinating and implementing key programs and services throughout the Eastern regioand in WBDC’s virtual classroom. Programs she oversees include WBDC & AARP’s Work For Yourself 50+Academy for Small Businessand development of WBDC’s eLearning LibraryAdditionally, Ms. Hackett coordinates outreach, promotion, and facilitation in achieving program impact

Ms. Hackett has an extensive background in administration. Her experience ranges from family business operations to Fortune 100 companies. Susan is adept at workflow design and process implementation, integrating future-oriented strategy. In addition, she brings a background of specializing in data and knowledge management, e-communications, and process improvement especially related to technology. Most recently she has added editing and post-production of video to her portfolio. Clients will find her in an active and supportive role in helping their businesses emerge and flourish. She is dedicated to empowering women in their desire to accomplish their business goals. 

Ms. Hackett is a graduate of Emerson College with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. Since that formal study, she has cultivated naturally adjacent skills including performing, directing, creative writing, and public speaking. Outside of WBDC, Susan enjoys a nice cup of tea, photo-documenting her view of the worldserving as a museum docentand creating masterpieces with fabric.

Susan is available for virtual appointments with individuals from Eastern Connecticut getting started with WBDC.  To schedule a session today, contact Susan at shackett@ctwbdc.org or 203-353-1750 xt. 116