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Sonique Solis

Child Care Business Case Manager
Sonique Solis, Child Care Assessment Counselor, Child Care Business Case Manager
Meet Sonique Solis, Child Care Assessment Counselor

Child Care Business Case Manager

Sonique Solis is a Child Care Business Case Manager at the Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC). As WBDC’s first Case Manager, Sonique delivers ongoing business support and case management to Connecticut child care providers, pairing them with Business Advisors and supporting their progress towards business development goals. Additionally, she conducts assessment counseling, provides technological education, and serves as a facilitator for WBDC’s child care programs.

Sonique has worked in the child care industry and offered family support since 2012, spending time as an infant and toddler home care provider and a community resource. Prior to joining WBDC, Sonique worked with First County Bank, a local community bank dedicated to serving individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations. She is very passionate about helping individuals to navigate their entrepreneurial journeys while making a positive impact to our community. Clients will find Sonique empowering them to reach their business goals, providing guidance, resources, and encouragement to keep moving forward.

When she is not assisting child care businesses, Sonique can be found capturing mouthwatering food photography images in support of small businesses and her very own home cooking.

Sonique is available for virtual and phone appointments with child care businesses, with a focus on aspiring and existing family home care providers.  To schedule a counseling session today, contact Sonique at 203-353-1750 x129 or ssolis@ctwbdc.org.