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Now what? Getting ready for the bounce

Now what? Getting ready for the bounce

Join WBDC Connect Member Maria Miranda, Miranda Creative to discuss adapting your communications/marketing strategy to thrive in the post-COVID world

After months of pivoting, Connecticut businesses are gearing up to reopen starting as early as May 20. Consumers across the state will be seeking relationships with enterprises that best answer their needs.

With this next phase on our immediate horizon, it is time to get ready for a rebounding economy:
to get ready for the BOUNCE.

The BOUNCE is what follows the pivot — it’s the playbook, the game plan businesses need to strategize in order to survive in a post-COVID world. It’s the decisions that need to be made to communicate effectively and the actions that need to be taken to lean into the shifting economy.

In an in-depth, hour-long webinar, Miranda Creative will be taking a deep dive into the anatomy of the BOUNCE:
Bolster your email lists and refresh your website with engaging content
Organize a communications plan that honors your pivot but remains nimble
Understand the importance of emotional attachment and transparency
Navigate social media gracefully while starting to create desire
Collaborate through remote partnerships and team building
Engage your customers and colleagues through authentic outreach

Participants will leave with a new sense of perspective on what to expect next, and with some timely advice on how best to prepare for the BOUNCE + networking time following the presentation.

Monday, May 18
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Zoom Virtual Classroom
Registration Required / No Charge


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